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Stink in the Tail Cover Full 100

‘A STINK IN THE TALE’ is a comedy thriller full of intrigue, adventure, unexpected twists and turns, sprinkled with superfluous sex scenes and other elements of questionable taste. The plot is a tapestry of misunderstanding and misdirection. Nothing is what it seems. Nobody is who you think they are. We are introduced to a cast of colourful characters who will all affect each other’s lives. Some will fall in love, while others will gain enemies in the process. Within a scent of romance there is also murder in the air. The story evolves into a race against time as our heroes, heroines and devils in disguise meet up for the final dénouement. A conclusion that will affect not only our leading protagonists – but every citizen in the country.

England had never had a Prime Minister that made the people laugh so much. His jokes and witticisms has the nation in stitches. Parliament has become like a music hall stage where the PM entertains the House with his unique brand of humour. Humour that is often coarse and vulgar. Flatulence in all its nauseous guises is a great favourite, the PM often using it in his speeches to make a political point. Ironically it is the much maligned fart that eventually causes the Prime Minister’s scandalous downfall. Well, actually it’s a number of them at various stages, to a group of unrelated characters, that not only brings down the government, but changes a lot of peoples lives forever.

When a trio of Junior Ministers’ wives, masquerading as terrorists, manage to steal the most secret of government documents, taking an innocent hostage along the way, the Prime Minister, Chancellor and Home Secretary find themselves in deep shit. If these documents are made public they will be exposed and ruined. This revelation would shock the nation as never before, and make England a laughing stock to the rest of the world. These confidential papers are not about any sordid sex scandal or anything to do with financial misdealing, they contain far more serious disclosures. In the whole of political history never has a nation been hoodwinked to such an extent. Now this is about to be exposed. Something has to be done to find these ‘terrorists’, so the PM orders a covert crack troop of individuals from MI5, MI6, the Counter-Terrorism Command, GCHQ and the SAS to be put on to the case. This professional group of dangerous misfits, who have nothing in common with each other except hostility, have orders to kill if necessary. These documents must be retrieved at all costs, whatever the casualties. Everything is at stake, and a lot of innocent bystanders, who get sucked into this web of conspiracy and deceit, find themselves re-evaluating their lives and relationships.

‘A STINK IN THE TALE’ could be described as ‘Fifty Shades of Brown’ but is really a chamber pot boiler that will not win any literary prizes or get critical acclaim. Like the majority of popular fiction it will be ignored and derided by the literati, but enjoyed by the general reading public who love a good story told in a simple, no nonsense manner. A thrilling page-turner, more Lad-Lit than Chick-Lit, the novel will also appeal to the metrosexual who enjoys a touch of tenderness amidst the boys behaving badly scenarios. The girls might not always enjoy the boys own element of vulgar innuendo, toilet humour and sexual crudities that pepper the novel, but they will love the premise that this tale shows how clever and inspired the women characters are, and who drive this story to its exciting and surprising conclusion.

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